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New release?

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Re: New release?

Postby Jason77 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:15 am

cody wrote:hello admin, Nice work on Alegro cart. I downloaded the code last month to try it. worked and i like the framework. easy to understand mvc structure. i did a rework on it both template and functionality, using the same pattern of development. I had to replace flash pages with nice looking banner carousel maximum of 5 pics slides and incorporated product sliders. although i have issues with the payment system. never done it before am stocked. i di like to know when the new version did be out of the box so i could rework on it and when done i do send u a link to the full final version of mine. dont just want some quick code rather it's my learning process and Alegro framework Taught me ecommerce . Nice work. is it possible to freely work on the project and give it back to the public. may be i think, so many people out there who want to code real life applications don't have the money to get a good education so or pay for some institute lecture. buh if a good documentation on how this project was achieved is given in step by step ,it did be of great help to the public. i started writing up a readme for the alegro 1.2.8 although in my free time . i would love to see these features already implemented and give it a shotto see how it could be exteded with more ajax preloads, server side authentication, SEO Certification too. the sole aim of ecommerce business is to top the rank market when ever users search for keywords. thanks :D

I am also waiting for the new version with more feature for my site.
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Re: New release?

Postby jordancaver123 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:30 am

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