AlegroCart Version 1.2.9 Released

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AlegroCart Version 1.2.9 Released

Post by leo » Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:44 am


A small patch file to fix several issues in version 1.2.9.
(169.99 KiB) Downloaded 1184 times
Obsolete fixes:

Most important new additions to 1.2.9:
- New vendor module
- SMTP mail authentication to send mails
- Maximum Order Quantity and Selling Multiple
- Switch to MySQLi
- Totally monolingual store
- New modules: Recently viewed module, Top Rated module, Also Bought Products module, Category List and Manufacturer List Module, Manufacturer slider and category slider module
- Estimate Shipping Cost and Tax
- Cancel invoices
- Horizontal menu
- Added slider to extensions, homepage and image display as well
- Extended template system (new 1 and 2.1 column layout)

+ lots of fixes, improvements.

Details Here

How to apply the patch file?

1. If you have an already running/installed store:
- download the latest patch
- unzip it
- go to the upload directory
- delete the install directory in the upload directory
- overwrite your files on your production server with the rest of the patch file
- done

2. If you want to install your store the first time:
- download AC1.2.9
- unzip it
- download the latest patch
- unzip it
- overwrite AC1.2.9 files with the patch file
- continue the install process (written in the install instructions)
- AFTER installing your store, don't forget to delete the install directory (if it was not deleted automatically by the installer)