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AlegroCart Version 1.2.7 Released

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AlegroCart Version 1.2.7 Released

Postby Brent » Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:06 am

Version 1.2.8 Released : Go to download
New additions to 1.2.7
Captcha: added in contact form and account create. This is enabled in admin.
Barcode: You can now create barcodes for products in UPC or EAN13 format.
Watermark: You can now automatically watermark images when uploading or manually watermark existing images.
Canada Post shipping method.
Australia Post shipping method.
Zone Plus shipping: The allow creating a base rate and adding additional costs calculated by weight times an amount.
Admin Print: you can now print most list pages.
Log File Viewer: You can view log files for PHP and MySql errors as well as log created by payment modules.
Extended rating possibilities.
Increased security.
Error handler now captures and logs both PHP and MySQL errors.
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