New Invoice Format for 1.2.4

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New Invoice Format for 1.2.4

Post by Brent » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:29 am

This is the new invoice format that will be available in 2 column page layout.

We have created this format to allow checkout to be more transparent to the customer as well as the shop owner.
The sample invoice includes special pricing, quantity discounts, coupon discount, and general discount to demonstrate how they all affect invoice pricing.
A new feature relates to tax calculation. The tax is now calculated to reflect all discounts that affect total invoice pricing.
The invoice summarizes columns and provides a balanced invoiced.
This invoice shown is with tax not included. It also supports tax included and places the * prefix in front of items with tax included. The invoice also functions in the 3 column layout, but will not display all the columns available in the 2 column format.
Another new feature is the invoice checking for valid shipping. If item do not have shipping allowed, the ship column show the non-shippable item. A new check box will appear above the terms & conditions checkbox that requires the customer acknowledges there are non-shippable items on the invoice that require warehouse pickup.
The emailed invoice will be in this format.