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Zone Shipping

Post by Brent » Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:11 am

Zone Shipping is simply shipping that is based on the different destinations, or geo zones, based on the weight of the total order.

For example, If your shipping from California USA. You can set a rate to other customers in other states, or other countries by setting up a zone for each destination, and then setting the shipping price for each weight range from you to other places.

1. Set up a new zone in Admin->Configuration->Localisation->Geo Zones
2. Click on the "Insert" icon to add a new 'Geo Zone'
3. Call it "California Shipping Zone" and click Save. You should now have a California Shipping Zone in the list.
4. Click on the yellow folder icon to the left of the title
5. Click on the "Insert" icon to add a new 'Zone to Geo Zone'
6. From the 'Country' dropdown, choose 'United States'
7. From the 'Region / State' dropdown, choose an individual state (California), or choose 'All Zones' for the same rate to all 50 states & provinces
8. Click 'Save'.
9. Repeat this process for UK, Australia, China, Japan, etc. anywhere you want to exclusively allow this type of shipping to.
10. Goto Extensions->Shipping, find 'Zone' and click the "wrench/spanner" icon to configure it
11. You should see textboxes for all your new zones. Enter the cost per weight range in each of the cost fields, based on the rates you want to use. The format is:
Weight:Cost with multiple values separated by a comma:
5:2.00, 10:4.00

Using the above example (with lbs and $ for the example) would mean that
- Orders from 0-5.0lbs, the shipping cost is: $2.00
- Orders from 5.1-10.0lbs, the shipping cost is: $4.00
- Orders from 10.1lbs+ would not be eligible for zone shipping

Set the rates based on your shipping couriers price table for the different destinations.

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