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Adding a Payment Gateway

Post by Brent » Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:34 am

To add a payment gateway, You must first create the files in admin to add settings required to run the module.
Samples in admin are located as follows.

You will need to add the settings for this extension to be added as well. This is a sample for ccAvenue.

Code: Select all

# Extension ccAvenue
SET @lid=1;
SELECT @id:=extension_id FROM extension WHERE `controller` = 'payment_ccavenue';
INSERT INTO `extension` (`extension_id`, `code`, `type`, `directory`, `filename`, `controller`) VALUES (@id, 'ccavenue', 'payment', 'payment', 'ccavenue.php', 'payment_ccavenue') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE extension_id=extension_id;
SELECT @id:=extension_id FROM extension WHERE `controller` = 'payment_ccavenue';
INSERT INTO `extension_description` (`extension_id`, `language_id`, `name`, `description`) VALUES (@id, @lid, 'ccAvenue', 'ccAvenue Gateway') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE extension_id=extension_id;
You then need to create the code in the catalog to actually process the payment.
Sample code as follows.
catalog->model->payment->model_payment.php You can either add code to this file or create a new one of your own.

If you have special, sensitive code required to process payments, this code would be better located in the library for better security.

That's about all you usually need.

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