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Home Page Module

Post by Brent » Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:06 pm

The home page module will only appear on the home page the first time a visitor comes to your site.
You access the module in extensions/module/Home Page and click the wrench(configure).
Select the Homepage Data tab and click HomePage Entry
You will have a setting for how many times the home page module runs for each session.

You either create or edit an existing page here.

Name & Status Tab:
You give the page a name that is for your reference only. It is not used in the display. (REQUIRED)
Set status to enabled if you are going to use this page. It will automatically disable all other pages.
Only one page can be enabled at a time.

Description Tab: (Language dependent)
Title: Title will be displayed on Homepage (REQUIRED)
Flash: Option flash file can be included here.
Default size for the flash is 550px x 250px, which can be set in admin if required.
Flash files must be uploaded to image/flash folder
Now includes upload button in admin to upload flash folder as of Version 1.1
Welcome: This is an option short text message (255 chars) that can be included.
Description: This is optional unlimited text that can also be included.
Image: Optional image file of type .jpg, .png, or .gif can be included here.
These images are located in the main image folder.

Meta Info: There is a tab for Default Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
These are available even if home page module is not enabled and are used as default if no other meta information
is generated by a particular page.

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