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Descriptions & Text Editor Tips

Post by Brent » Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:10 am

There are different text editor functions available to handle product descriptions,
short description, and technical information.

The formatted function is used on single or 3 column display in Manufacturer, Category, and
Search Pages, or modules the use 3 column display. It is also used on the Product detail
page for main product description and technical information.
It returns the number of lines specified with each line ending with <br> tag.
It allows using special formatting such as bold or color without the possibility of chopping a
line between an opening and closing tag.

The plain string function is used on the four column display and chops the text by number of
characters. For this reason, I would suggest always including an alternate short description with
no special formatting.

There is also a stripped string function that returns the number of words specified. I do not suggest
using this with any formatting. The plain string offers more control over your output. (a legacy item)

3 and 4 column displays will use the alternate display if available. Because the three column
display can display a specified number of lines, the best results are if each line length is limited
to 30 characters, end with a <br>(shift enter) tag. Don't use enter as this creates paragraph <p> tags
which are stripped by the text editor.

When entering the main product description, you have the option to add a hidden description that will
not be displayed, but is available to your product search.
Some advantages are including slang terms or synonyms to aid in locating the product that you
would not want displayed in your product description. This feature as makes possible including detail
that you may not have room to include in the description.
EG: You want to list a part for a vehicle that covers a year range like 1992-1999 chev. If you customer
happens to type in 1994 chev, you would have no results returned.
With the hidden description, you would have:
1992-1999 chev
<hidden description>1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1999 1999 chevrolet Chevrolet chevy
The search will pick out the proper year plus any portion the the word text as high lited.

The hidden description insertion button is located on the lower right side of the FCK Editor
tool bar on the product page in admin. This inserts a tag in your description and everything after this
tag will not be displayed.

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