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Howto add downloadable product

Post by leo » Tue May 24, 2011 1:16 pm

1. Go to Configuration--> Localization --> Order status. The default status is Pending.

2. Go to Configuration--> Setting--> Product Download tab and enable Download. Download status is Complete. That means the customers could download the file if the shop owner changes the Order status from the previously set Pending to Complete (see later).

3. Go to Catalog--> Download. Click insert and fill in the Name (this will be displayed for the customers in the download section on the account download page) and upload the file. The Mask is generated automatically. Save the changes.

4. Go to Catalog--> Product. On the Product Download tab choose your file in the list by clicking on it. On the Product Detail Information tab check the In Stock Quantity. Set it to 1 (at least).

5. Process a test order.

6. The new order will appear under Customers--> Order. Click on the update icon. Under Order Update you will see that the current status is Pending. That's why the customer gets the following message: You have not made any previous downloadable orders! As soon as you change the status of this order to Complete the downloadable file is reachable under My Account--> My Orders--> Downloads in the catalog.

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