SVN checking out & creating working copy

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SVN checking out & creating working copy

Post by Brent » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:16 am

  • Here are some simple instructions to get a working copy of the latest current SVN Version with all the updates on windows.

    Step 1: Windows - Download and install tortoise svn on your local PC
    Linux - kdesnv or esvn

    Step 2: Create a folder on your pc, AlegroCart
    In windows explorer, select Checkout. Use as the url
    Checkout to your local PC to folder AlegroCart
    You will have all the files available and SVN logs that detail all the changes made in the SVN.

    Step 3: Hi-lite the Folder you checked out, and in the explorer menu, select tortoise/export. You then export a stripped copy to your PC that mirrors the download copy with all the current changes made in the SVN.
    This copy is the same as a download version which will allow you to create and install a working local web site.

    Once you have checked out the initial copy, you can use update to keep updating for the latest changes.

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Re: SVN checking out & creating working copy

Post by leo » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:40 pm

  • On linux systems (KDE 4.x) the easiest way is:

    Step 1: Install kdesvn (

    Step 2: Open Dolphin and create a directory somewhere under your /home/your_name folder called e.g. alegrocart

    Step 3: Right click on it and from the menu choose Export a repository...

    Step 4: Fill in the fields according to this picture and click OK
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