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URL Alias, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Post by Brent » Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:40 pm

You must first enable URL Alias in admin settings to enable SEO URL's.
Select URL Alias in admin and click the Generate SEO button.

Your URL's will now be displayed as:
controller=product&path=1_11&product_id=14 is now all-and-products/related-products/related-1.html
controller=product&manufacturer_id=1&product_id=1 is now the-bike-builder-guys/product-1.html

The SEO is generated when a new product is added, product is updated, or deleted.

SEO is generated for all products, categories, manufacturers, information, all controller pages, and pagination.

This process also occurs in manufacturer and category, but only for the manufacturer or category.
It does not regenerate SEO for child categories or products. If you are changing the name of a category or
, you should regenerate the complete SEO in URL Alias. It requires less processing to do this than search, delete and regenerate for children of the item you changed.

NOTE: When you regenerate SEO, any custom changes you may have made are gone!

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