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Currency Settings

Post by Brent » Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:34 pm

In admin/configuration/localisation/currency
Create whatever currencies you require.
* Currency Title:_________________________ This is required
* Code: ________________________________ Use the attached excel to ensure you have the proper code.
Symbol Left:____________
Symbol Right:___________
Decimal Places:_________
Value: 1.0000______________________You can enter 1.0000 as default for all currencies. This will be updated.

After entering your currencies, go to admin/settings and set your default currency.
You then come back to currency and Update Rates. This will update all currency exchanges based on your default currency.

When customers are using the cart and change currency, the new currency is tested for date stamp which is good for 24 hours.
If the chosen currency rate is older than 24 hours, it is updated at this time and assigned a new date stamp with the current time.
This makes updating the rates on a daily basis not a requirement.

Future Development: All currencies will be included in the database with Status enable/disable.
List of all currency codes
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