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Template / Styles Version 1.2.3 +

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:48 am
by Brent
The catalog Templates, Styles(css), and Color layout have changed for Version 1.2.3 as per the layout diagram below.
In admin, you will have settings for selecting a default template, style, and color scheme.
There is also a setting for default page layout, 2 or 3 columns.
The template layout has 2 additional locations, extra which is located between the header and content area, and page bottom located below the footer.

New in admin is the Template Manager.
You now have the ability to set page column layout and color scheme for each page.
You can also set the order and location for each module for an individual page.

With the addition of the template manager, module loading has changed from auto loading all modules to only loading modules required for each particular web page. This will reduce redundant overhead by loading and running modules that will not be used.

System Default Modules loaded.
HEADER: currency, language, navigation, search, and header.
COLUMN: cart, category, information
FOOTER: footer

In the template manager, you can over ride the default settings by selecting the default controller.
This will allow you to customize your default modules to be loaded and the locations for each.
The page column layout and color have NO effect in this default setting.
If you set a new default layout, be sure to include CONTENT in the content area.

The system defaults and template defaults are all over ridden by individual controller selections.
Example: Our basic layout is 3 column with neutral as the color.
Current Homepage defaults.
HEADER: currency, language, navigation, search, and header.
COLUMN: cart, category, and information (from default)
manufacturer, popular, and review (loaded from home controller extra modules)
CONTENT: content (this is sent by current controller, in the case empty)
homepage, featured and latest ( also loaded from home controller extra modules)
COLUMNRIGHT: specials (also loaded from home controller extra modules)
FOOTER: footer

In the template manager, we will select home as the controller and set status as enabled.
HEADER TAB: we will add currency, navigation, search, and header. The language has been left out because we only have one language file and don't wish to load the language selector.
SUBHEADER TAB (extra): we will add homepage module to include a large flash banner here.
COLUMN TAB: we will add category, manufacturer, popular, and review.
CONTENT TAB: we will add content, featured, and specials here.
COLUMNRIGHT TAB: we will add cart and latest here.
FOOTER TAB: we do not need to change any thing here, so we leave it blank and it will load default footer module.
PAGEBOTTOM TAB: we will add information to this location.

NOTE: any tab that you have content in will over ride the defaults, so you need to add all the entries you require in that location tab. None of the defaults for that location will be loaded. Also, you need to be aware of duplicate module entries in different locations resulting from adding a module to one location that already exist as a default in another location.

You can have different page columns. For example, you might set system page columns to 2 and set all the catalog display controllers (home, manufacturer, category, search, and product) to 3 column layout in the template manager.
This would result in all the account pages and checkout pages being 2 columns.

Creating new Color schemes:
You can create your own color scheme by copying an existing color css file and renaming to your new color.
Then create a color image folder to load any color specific images.
You then can make all the changes in one css file to reflect your new color and color images paths.


Re: Template / Styles Version 1.2.3 +

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:31 am
by Brent
AlegroCart 1.2.9 extends the previous 1.2 (simple called 2) and 3 column template with 1 and 2.1 column templates.
Pictures here.

Template layout changes effective with version 1.2.9
catalog layout.jpg
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