Online Financials Report

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Online Financials Report

Post by ds_robert » Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:41 am

This is a standalone utility that we have created for our own installation.

This utility provides an online report detailing total sales by product line for a given, user input, date range. For each product line the number of items sold, the net cost, sales tax and gross cost is given. The number of taxable and non-taxable items sold for each product line for the given date range is also provided.

For an example of the report format, please see:

This utility is external to the alegrocart admin interface. The zip file includes install instructions in the read-me.txt file.

Since this is a bespoke utility designed specifically for our own installation of alegrocart, we are unable to give assistance or support and it is supplied "as is" without any warranty or liability.
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