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italian translation with some variant

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italian translation with some variant

Postby Oistacus » Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:35 am

[code][/code]Hi Brent,
one question :
if i add some field in the italian/catalog/product.php to customize some field , after can i upload my files on the forum for others . Whats happen when others will install them without change in tpl ? ( i customize also it) made a problem or i can upload the files italian translate files ? i refer to version 1.2.7, but some file have some fields customize added ( if you see in my website, Search cavatelli ,you can see some difference in product tab from the original .Discount message.)
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Re: italian translation with some variant

Postby Brent » Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:11 am

If you add a field in the language file that does not exist in the English, it won't hurt anything.
If you were to add code in the controller and the was not a language file entry, there would be an error.
As well, if you add something in a tpl file that is not passed from the controller, you get an error.
The dependency is Template(tpl) depends in variable set in Controller which in turn depends on variables being available in language files.
My suggestion is supply language files based on current version with no modifications.
You could then include a file with modifications that can enhance or modify.
Because you may make additions not in the other languages, if someone adds your changes expecting them to also work with other language packs, it may work fine with Your language contribution, but break everyone else's.
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